Run your race, your way

Flexible running events that allow you to move the finish line mid-race


Lift pressure off yourself

Decide your distance on the day

Find out what you’re capable of

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Running events should be fun!
But that’s not always the reality…

Race training can be relentless but necessary to perform your very best on the day. You know you run better relaxed but sleep, nutrition and even that niggling injury all have to be in check too! In truth, there’s a lot that can get in the way of you finishing your full race distance. And when that happens, it’s gutting. Worse still, the distance you do manage to cover doesn’t count for anything. No medal, no congrats. Just the shame of handing over your number and slipping back to the car park empty-handed. At Running Tribe we think that’s wrong and we’re changing that, one race at a time.

Flying like a rocket and a marathon feels unexpectedly within grasp? Shift the finish line mid-race and receive the recognition you deserve

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Decide what you’re capable of on the day

Running Tribe events were born out of the frustrations of our founder Steve who, after completing 77 miles over 23 hours ended up walking away with nothing to show for his efforts after succumbing to an old injury. Running Tribe events are a bit different. They:

  • Are designed to give you complete flexibility on the day.
  • Enable you to make mid-race distance decisions
  • Remove the pressure to push yourself to breaking point
  • Celebrate every distance equally

Whether you manage to finish an ultra marathon, marathon, half or 10k, the distance you run will be celebrated, no matter what you set out to complete originally. That way, no matter what kept you up the night before, there’s still a reason to turn up and give it your everything.

Here are the roles you can expect to be helping out with

  • Marking the course and setting up the aid station
  • Starting assistance - Help our runners assemble at the start and cheer them on as they cross the start line!
  • Minding the baggage drop throughout the race
  • Manning our outstanding food, drinks and supplies station, making sure runners stay hydrated and fuelled up
  • Celebrating the finishers - Cheer our runners on as they finish and ensure they collect their medal.
  • Sweep the course (pick up any dropped litter and take down course markings)

Our race times and locations

All our races start and finish from Chalfont Cricket Club, Chalfont Park Sports Association, Chalfont Park, Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross SL9 0QA. Our race courses open from 8am and finish by 5pm at the latest. Runners are free to run for as long as they wish within these times.

Register as a Running Tribe Race Event Volunteer

Sound like fun? (We assure you it always is!) If you’re ready to join the Running Tribe volunteer community simply complete the form below. Please Note: Volunteers must be over the age of 16.

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